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How to Know you have Bed Bugs

Some of the places they hide is on the bed frames, under the mattress. Although you found them in a certain room, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be in other rooms. The common places that you may find them is in the bedrooms especially on the beds.

Bed bugs have a really bad smell.

The fact that these insects really hide very well and only appear at night in order to feed on you when asleep shows how sneaky they are. Some people will have irritating itchiness that will not stop and thus you will know that the bites are caused by bed bugs.

They are fast you will not even notice that a bed bug just bit you.

Bed bugs are blood suckers and so this means that they only feed on blood view here.

You will not be necessarily looking for the bed bug eggs. They are also oval in shape. Bed bug eggs are mainly found along the edge of your bed frame, in the folds of your mattress cover, and also in the crack of a mattress.

Once you see bed bug skin in your house you automatically know that there are bed bugs there. For you differentiate between the bed bug skin from other insects which might have the same features, you will want to look for a hollow translucent skin underneath of your mattress.