Things you need to know about your trading charts

Different charts and graphs are important among the basic aspects and principles of Forex trading. Speculators of all types, regardless of their level of experience, utilize various depiction models to examine the current market situation.

Everyone who wants to learn about the path of a currency price should look at its current and previous price movement. And to do that, the first instrument that technical analyzers must master is a graph.

In this post, we will delve deeper into the many types of charts that FX traders must be familiar with. 

Different Charts for Analyzing the Forex Market

A chart gives us a visual representation or a picture of the course of a pair’s rate in its most basic description. It displays all of the trading activities that occur within a certain trading period.

Any type of economic asset with price data over a specific period can be used to build a graph for scrutiny.

In the Forex market, rate changes are almost entirely random. As a result, a critical obligation of all market participants is to manage the level of risk that the market presents to them.

In such instances, determining the likelihood of an impending market scenario is critical. This is when graphs and charts come in handy. They are user-friendly, and because they are all highly graphic, it is simple to comprehend the price course when evaluating them.

They beautifully display a pair’s patterns, moves, and inclinations to a trader. In such a graph, the vertical axis represents the price scale, while the horizontal axis represents the time scale.

People used to draw charts by hand back in the day. Nowadays, however, any form of demography can be accessed via a computer.

What Does a Graph Indicate?

Pricing demography, at its most basic level, depicts changes in demand and supply. It collects all of a financial instrument’s transactions at any given time. On the other hand, it incorporates all forms of news and people’s expectations about impending news.

At trading the situation differs significantly from expectations, the process continues. But to do the market analysis properly, you need to choose a great broker like Saxo capital markets so that you can do the market analysis very precisely.

What was formerly considered future news has now become known news, and with all of this new information, people’s expectations for future news have been revised. This cycle continues.

Charts of Various Types

When it comes to Forex, three types of charts are the most common.

  • Line
  • Bar, and
  • Candlestick Chart

Now let’s get a brief idea about these part as it will help us to do the technical analysis in a much better way.

1.      Lines

The stroke between two subsequent closing rates is depicted on a line chart. Traders can examine the normal price track of a pair over a certain period when both closing are strung with a straight stroke.

These graphs are simple to understand because they merely show the market’s course and don’t complicate things.

2.      Bars

The closing and opening prices, as well as the lows and highs, are displayed in bars. They use a market joiner to see the price range for each session.

The top of a vertical bar represents the highest rate paid by buyers, while the bottom of a vertical bar represents the lowest rate paid by buyers. The vertical bar represents the whole trading range of a currency pair.

Bars shrink as market volatility decreases. When volatility grows, on the other hand, they get larger.

3.      Candlesticks charts

This is a different kind of bar. Candlesticks display the same market data as a traditional bar chart, but they are more visually appealing.

They use a vertical stroke to show the low and high ranges. A larger body block in the center of this charting system, on the other hand, illustrates the opening and closing rates, as well as the range between them.

Each form of the candlestick should be properly examined. Knowing about just one of them will never be as effective as learning them all.


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